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Emails and files are the new targets for data breaches, so it’s time to extend your Identity Governance in order to manage unstructured data.

Prime target for hackers

Almost every organization notices that the volume of their enterprise data rises exponentially and that the vast majority of an organization’s data is stored in files. Where before data was mostly stored in databases, today with platforms like Sharepoint, DropBox or Google Drive, a lot of the critical enterprise data is stored in files, left largely unmanaged because it lives outside of IT’s purview.  As a result, this data has also become the prime target for hackers.

As 80% of enterprise data exist within unsecured or unmanaged files, they are the prime target for hackers!

When we couple this with the increase in privacy-focused regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation Act (GDPR) you realize that your Identity Governance Strategy must also address the growing need of securing data, whether on premise or in the cloud!

A lot of organizations still have a blind spot in their Identity Governance Strategy when it comes to also protecting access to sensitive data that resides outside of applications and databases. With 80% of enterprise information existing within unsecured files, the inability to protect access to this sensitive data presents serious security and data breach risk. This is why it is important that you manage access to data in the same way as you manage access to applications to improve security and achieve compliance.

Make sure your Identity Governance Strategy also addresses the growing need of securing data in files, whether on-premise or in the cloud!

A couple of scenario’s that a good Data Security Solution should address:

  • The means to seamlessly manage access to both on-premises file storage systems like SharePoint and cloud-based file storage systems including Box, DropBox, Google Drive and OneDrive in a flexible, cost-effective way.
  • An adaptive connectivity model that enables organizations with large, complex storage environments to optimize data classification and permission analysis for increased scalability and performance.
  • Enhanced risk-based forensics and alert management that reveal greater insight via a user-friendly interface, so security and audit teams can quickly detect and proactively remediate suspicious activity like a user downloading large amounts of data outside of business hours or alerting an administrator when files are getting renamed in bulk, detecting symptoms of ransomware.

Is your data secure?

How we can help

We, as Upright, can help you with the design and implementation of the best security architecture to secure all your data. We can offer years of enhanced experience in the general domain of Security, and the Identity and Access Governance domain specific. We are specialized in creating complete security architectures, the implementation and maintenance of fully-blown Identity and Access Management solutions, including Data Security.



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